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Premier Peterbilt
Brampton ON

Tricorp Transportation
Elmer, ON

DeWayane Spaw   
Nashville, TN

The Blues Owls Band
Dexter, MI

Jim Provost Trucking  
Chatham, ON

Titan Motor Cycles
Phoenix, AZ

Precision Cycle Works   
Caro, MI

Easyriders Magazine 

Motorcycle Street & Strip Magazine

The Hook Magazine

The Puller Magazine

Birmingham Temple
Birmingham, MI 

Kurtz Trucking
Guelph, ON

Smith Designs
San Diego, CA

Favorite Uncle Books  
Royal Oak, MI

Saline Pro Rodeo 
Saline, MI

Happiness Communications 
Dexter MI

SGS Tank Lines
Mississauga ON

Showcar Transportation
Oshawa, ON 

Garry Mercer Trucking
Toronto, ON

Heritage Truck Lines

Task Carriers
Fergus ON

Kens Towing
Brantford ON

Sunrise Equipment   
Norwich ON

Keith Hall & Sons Transport
Buford ON

Manac Trailer Sales
Mississauga ON

O'Rourke Transport
Dublin ON

Lonesome Trucking
Winnipeg,Manitoba Canada

Fergus Truck Show 
Fergus ON

Starcruiser Transport
Sharonville OH

Sally Kelly Real Estate
Ann Arbor MI

Touch of an Angel Massage 
Conroe, TX

Jewish News
Detroit MI

Acme Photo Works
Detroit MI

Blues Owls Band
Dexter MI

Shell Oil Products
Houston TX

Columbus Diesel
Columbus OH

Compass Freight    
Toronto ON

Cen-Pe-co Lubricants

Gotman Toys


Chizek Transportation
Cleveland, WI

Wadesville, IN

Nearpass Pulling LLC
Coldwater, MI

Lucas Oil/ Pro Pulling League

Shramek Farms

Marsh Trucking

Simerly Collision

Koester Racing

R&L Carriers

Race Pak

Wolverine Pullers


Bauer Built
Paton, IA

Boyd & Sons
Washington, IN

Elite Trailers
Oklahoma City, OK

Tractor Pull Teams
Just to name a few...

All Fired Up                                 Big Ed Red
Extreme Pleasure                      Forty Acres
Bankrupt Binder                         Raptor
Blue Can Fever                          War Wagon II
Buckeye Bulldog                        Up and Atom    
Ol Black Majic                             Red Menace
Screamin Eagle                          Barn Yard Banchee
Childs Play                                    Mr. Thundermaker
Class Act                                      Nameless
Constant Conflict                      Billet Binder
Nightmare                                    Space Invader
Deerlerious                                    Fantasy
Disturbed                                      Back Forty
Fast&Furious                                 The Special
Elnio                                                Jacked Up
Gone Green                                 Money Pit
Green Streak                                Top Gun
Hammer Down                             The Color of Money
Head Games                                Live Wire
Hurricane Alis                                 Wild One
Insanity                                           Super Chevy
Enuff Said                                       Sullivan's          
Midnight Gambler                      The Bomb
Midnight Mistress                        Bad Omen
Midnight Madness                      4 Play
Savage Shaker                             Aces Wild
Tuff Enuff II                                     Red Gambler
Vintage Red                                  Hoosier Avalanche
Money Maker                                Bad Company
Original Rat Poison                      Blue Ox
Footloose                                       Brutal Force
Double Play                                   Chasin Tail
Check N Out                                Ground Force
Never Satisfied                             Ilrational Behavior
Albino Buck                                    Turn Me Loose
Outa Control                                  Menace
The Rock                                         Off Constantly
The Bone                                         Red Thunder
Thunder Chicken                          Sneeky Snake
Geared Green                              Squeekin Bye
Smoke N Red                                  The Replacement
Dreamin Too                                 Untamed Brute
Sled Slayer                                     Yankee Blue
Sassey Massey                              Yes Deer
Silver Bullet                                    Ameer Deere
Silver Bullet Reloaded                American Dream
Takes a Lickin                                Hawkeye Hemi
Taking Care of Business              Cash Burner
Hoosier Thunder                            Doug Mc Kinnley
Snow Farmer                                  Ground Force
Hot & Nasty                                   Roberts Pulling
Giddy up Go Again                    Arc Force
Totaly Exhausted                          Z Bag
Twister                                             Assorted Nuts
Mr.Twister                                       Hell Raiser 2
Uncle Sam                                      Joker
Untaimed Spirit                             Michigan Twister
A pair Of Jacks                              Red Line Fever
Bleedin Green                                Oh Deere
Buck Shot                                         Texas Bull Whip
Diggin Deer                                     Wicked Willy
Down and Dirty                              Stud Mule
Killer Mack                                       What's Smokin
Ratical                                              Funny Farmall
Rolling Stone                                   Wolverine Deere
Smokin Ya                                        Prohibited
True Grit                                            Iron Dragon
Willi Make It                                      Crusin Mule
 Red Mule                                         After Hours
New Generation Plus                    Ride the Lightning
Hard Core Harvester                     Bair Down
Green Line Express                         Pane in the Glass
Get er Done                                    Sled Slayer
Gitter Done                                     Simply Red
Shameless                                         Intruder
Just Passin Thru                               Aftermath
Shouda said No                              Dirt Challenger
Holly Cow                                         Dirt Slinger






Daytona Bike Week         
Daytona FL 2000-02-03

Daytona FL 2002

Fergus Truck Show 
Fergus ON 2002-03-05

Mid America Truck Show
Louisville KY 2003

Easyriders Bike Rodeo
Chillicothe OH 2002

V-Twin Trade Show 
Cincinnati OH  2003

Power Sports Trade Show
Indianapolis IN  2003

NTPA Twin Creeks 
Tractor Pull 
Inwood, ON 2003

Rolling Sculpture Car Show
Ann Arbor, MI 2003  

NTPA Tractor Pulls  
Adrian MI   2003

J Bar J Pro Rodeo 
Charlotte, MI 2003

Super Kicker Rodeo
Manchester MI

Super Kicker Rodeo     
Belleville MI  2003

Tractor Pull
Manchester MI 2003 

Waterfront Festival &
Dragon Boat Races                   
Belleville ONTARIO 2003

Dragon Boat Races
Windsor ONTARIO 2003

Thunder on the River
Boat Races 
Detroit MI

Peace March
Ann Arbor, MI 2003     

4th July Parade 
Ann Arbor MI  2003

4th July Parade 
Manistee MI  2002

Ice Sculptures   
Plymouth MI 2004

Ice Sculptures 
Brighton MI 2004

Snow Festival
Frankenmuth MI 2004

Orchid Show 
Ann Arbor MI 

Brigden Pull & Shine
Brigden ON

Nextel 400
June 2004-05-06-07

Michigan National South
Car Show
July 2004

NTPA Tractor Pull 
Monroe MI

NTPA Tractor Pull 
Adrian MI  2003-04

NTPA Tractor Pull   
Berrien Springs MI 2004

NTPA Tractor Pull  
Marshall MI 2004

NTPA Tractor Pull  
Bowling Green OH

NTPA Tractor Pull 
Connersville IN

J-J Pro Rodeo 
Saline MI

J-J Pro Rodeo 
Charlotte MI 2003-04

NTPA Tractor Pull 
Arcola IN 2006-07-08

NTPA Tractor Pull  
Charlotte MI 2006-07-08

Budweiser Nationals
NTPA Tractor Pull
Tomah WI

Shannonville Drags
Ontario Canada 2006

NHRA Drags
Grand Bend
ONTARIO Canada 2006

Super Sprints
Auto City Raceway
Flint MI 2006

Super Sprints
Ft Wayne IN 2006

Fire Works
Indian River MI 06

NTPA Tractor Pull
Monroe MI  2006-07

NTPA Tractor Pull
Wauseon OH

NTPA Tractor Pull
Fort Recovery OH

Enderle Pull Off
Urbana OH 

NTPA Tractor Pull
Henry IL 2007

NTPA Tractor Pull
Ionia MI 2007-08

NTPA Tractor Pull
Sandwich IL

NTPA Tractor Pull
Saline MI

NTPA Tractor Pull
Centreville MI

NTPA Tractor Pull
Hillsdale MI

NTPA Tractor Pull
Mt Sterling IL

NTPA Tractor Pull
Findlay OH

PPL Tractor Pull
Macon MO

PPL Tractor Pull
Goshen IN

PPL Tractor Pull
Fairfield IL

PPL Tractor Pull
Carlyle IL

Winter Nationals
Tractor Pull
Gordyville, IL 2009

Hoosier Invitational
Tractor Pull
Cloverdale, IN 2009

National Farm Machinery Show & Tractor Pull
Louisville, KY 2008-09



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